Debating US-China Policy

To read about the presidential candidates bashing Beijing at a Toledo, Ohio town hall meeting is political theater at it’s best.  US policies with China are exactly where the US Chamber of Commerce wants them to be. Free trade with China benefits US companies doing business there and as long as that benefit exists, nothing is going to change.

US companies with manufacturing operations in China benefit from China’s monetary policies in controlling the RMB from rising too much against the US dollar.  The lower cost of importing goods from China adds to the profits of US corporations.  As long as that is the case, nothing will change.

Politicians can bash Beijing all they want.  That’s the public theater to make the American people “think” that something actually might change when in fact, nothing will.  America’s policies toward China do not benefit the American people in the long run.  Oh sure, Americans can buy less costly products because the products are made in China; but in the long run that benefits the corporations more than the people.  Corporations need to keep demand high in order to generate greater profits.  They’ve been able to do that because US policies are tilted in favor of corporations and not American workers.

There has to always be a balance between the needs of Americans and the demands of American corporations.  This is where government has failed the average American.  Unregulated, capitalism is an insidious form of tyranny.