Now what? – Ractopamine

It’s amazing what you can learn by reading news about what is going on in other countries.  I saw an article about the Taiwanese protesting against the importing of American meat.  At the heart of the protests is the fact that the meat (pork and beef) comes from animals that have been fed the supplement Ractopamine.

So what is Ractopamine?  Well check out the following link for the details. 

What I find interesting is: I didn’t know American cattle and hogs were being fed this stuff.  Have you noticed that pork is a lot leaner these days than say 20 or 30 years ago?  Did you ever wonder why?  Well it seems that Ractopamine has a lot to do with that.

The stuff is controversial.  Read this article to see for yourself.  It seems that is hard on the livestock.  This is another negative consequence of industrialized food production. and the food industry’s zeal for profits over food safety.

Hey, I don’t know if the stuff is good or bad.  I never heard of the stuff before I read an article about Tawain banning the import of US meat meat containing the substance.  All I know is that meat from animals that have been fed Ractopamine is banned in the European Union, China, and Taiwan.  We are what we eat.  Be informed.  Know what’s in your food – before you eat it.