PM Criticizes EU

I think the UK Prime Minister should turn his attention to fixing the problems in the UK and let the Eurozone leaders work on sorting out the problems with the Euro. Read the article here:

He already created enough problems when he vetoed a proprosal for more financial rigor within the Eurozone at last months summit. His reasoning was that he doesn’t want the EU to implement a financial transactions tax. He would rather protect the bankers who precipitated the financial crises and that has caused Eurozone countries to take on additional debt to bail out these same financial institutions; rather than help to resolve the Eurozone crisis. I find it absolutely appalling that he defends the special interests of the banking sector and ignores the welfare of the broader public interest.

I also find it interesting that a lot of his own constituents feel he should focus more on fixing the problems in the UK as well.  With the high unemployment in the UK the PM has plenty of work to do in his own backyard before he starts throwing rocks across the channel.

Isn’t it interesting that although the UK never adopted the Euro, the Royal Bank of Scotland was able to take advantage of the recent European Central Banks new funding offer through their subsidiary in The Netherlands.

How dare any national leader defend the special interests of banks after the financial havoc they have levied on the world? Mr. Prime Minister – shame on you.