They are getting away with it!

Is anybody concerned that those responsible for the financial crises, that we are still dealing with, have gotten away basically scot free?  After all the pain that the citizens of the world have been through as a result of the unrestrained greed of the financial industry, shouldn’t some people working in this industry be called to task for what happened?

I am shocked that we seemed to have moved past this glaring injustice.  There is no question that government let us down.  Too much financial innovation and no government regulation to maintain control.  But remember, the government regulators said that the industry would regulate itself.  Big mistake. Huge.  Have you ever heard of moral hazard?  Check it out.

Trillions of dollars have simply vanished.  Complex financial instruments lost their luster and their value.  The entire world is plunged into a financial crises.

Here’s an interesting article that highlights the problem.